September 30, 2013

A Night of Firsts

Friday night was kind of a big night for me. I ran the longest distance (2.91 miles) I’ve run in nearly a year. I ran it at the fastest pace I’ve run in several months. I ate my first bug while running. So, kind of a big deal. 🙂 Even though I feel like a […]

August 12, 2013

Running For My Life

Those of you who have stuck with this blog (and I dearly love all four of you – truly…) know that I’m no stranger to declaring and declaring and declaring again my intentions of getting healthy and sticking to a fitness routine. I’m great at making plans, talking about plans, starting plans – but not […]

March 5, 2013

What’s up with running?

I was climbing out of the passenger seat of my car on a Thursday, after helping my dad unload supplies in the February cold, and felt a weird pull in the quadriceps muscle on my left leg. I didn’t think much about it, until I went running on the treadmill the next day, when it […]

November 22, 2012

Get Fit or Die Tryin’ – Change of Plans

I’ve got a Thanksgiving day revelation for y’all – recognizing your limitations stinks. I’ve been out of commission for half-marathon training for nearly two weeks due to a strained hip flexor. It felt bad before the Hot Chocolate Run, despite going to the chiropractor the Friday before, and it felt REALLY bad after it. I visited the […]

November 5, 2012

Get Fit or Die Tryin’ – Rude Awakening

Sunday was my first organized 5K as an official “runner.” And it was more than a bit of a rude awakening. I met up with my fit friend Jess outside Principal Park, as she’d been nice enough to pick up my race packet and my nifty fleece jacket. I met Jess’ friend Lisa, who’s a […]