August 14, 2013

Dreams Deferred

I was rummaging through my bookshelves the other night – don’t even remember what I was looking for – when I ran across this:

As I held the book in my hands, I distinctly remember sitting in my cubicle at my most soul-crushing job in early 2010, staring at the cover of this book on Amazon. I remember the feeling I had as I ordered it – that it was an impossible dream, thinking I might ever get paid to write, that I might ever break free from the life I was living at that moment. I felt almost stupid for ordering it, for spending $30 on a book that I would likely never use, that would gather dust on my bookshelves. But I couldn’t stop myself from ordering it.

Now here I sit, 18 months into my career as a freelancer, slowly but surely building up a career that just three years ago seemed like an impossible dream.

My lesson – never stop dreaming. Always realize that those dreams will change, that they’ll recede and rise again, but never stop.

And the Amazon Prime membership is totally worth it.

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