December 30, 2012

Your Story – Age 21

In November, I had the privilege of sharing my testimony at church. I thought, as I reflect on everything God has done for me in 2012, that I’d share it with you here over the next few days. 

You’re 21. You go to the all-campus worship experience, and then out to the dance club. Because, hey – everyone else is going to the club after worship. And you’ve just met this Jesus person. And even though they tell you at the all-campus worship that Jesus loves you, that God thinks you’re wonderfully made, you wonder why all the guys at the club are flirting with your friends and not you. You start to feel panicky, when your best friends get engaged during your senior year. Where’s your diamond? What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you getting what everyone else has? How is this God you’ve just met going to work all this out?

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