December 29, 2012

Your Story – Age 18

In November, I had the privilege of sharing my testimony at church. I thought, as I reflect on everything God has done for me in 2012, that I’d share it with you here over the next few days. 

You’re 18. One of your classmates turns up pregnant, and your first naïve reaction is, “We’re not old enough to be doing that!” You make a date for the senior prom with the same boy, because everyone else has a date for prom. And you want to be like everyone else. The boy breaks your heart again on the night of your senior prom, and you realize it isn’t worth it. You decide you’re going to stay a virgin until you get married. You’ve seen the heartache, you’ve seen what happens when people mess around with sex. You can wait until marriage. Which won’t be THAT long, really. Because you’re already 18.

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