December 9, 2012

LiveBlogging Cookie Weekend: Day 3

Day 3 of Cookie Weekend is in the books. I’ve got enough energy to type, and that’s about it right now.

We made 14 varieties of cookies and candies, and were finished with all but the final piece by this morning – the white chocolate peppermint snowflakes to go on the top of the boxes. That means the order of the day is packaging – and Henry Ford ain’t got nothin’ on the assembly-line efficiency we exhibited today. 

Here’s how it started – with the varieties spread on the table and a “prototype” box made up by Mom, the master of presentation, to guide us in packing the 40-plus boxes we had on tap to give away.

Then it was time to get packin’ – first we nested the boxes inside each other to pack the first layer of cookies, and lined them with tissue:

Then the bottom layer of goodies went in:

Followed by the second layer, featuring our white chocolate peppermint snowflakes:

Then everybody gets stacked and labeled, and went out the door to be delivered to our friends and coworkers!

And with that, Cookie Weekend 2012 is in the books. Fourteen varieties, 56 boxes of varying sizes to give away, and mountains of clean dishes drying in the kitchen. And if the Mayans are wrong, we’ll be back at it next December. C’mon over! 🙂

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  1. So, I can expect delivery in KC later this week? 🙂

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