December 8, 2012

LiveBlogging Cookie Weekend: Day 2

We’re back for another day of Cookie Weekend, and I awoke to face this:

This is what’s left of the butter after Day 1. Yep – that’s what’s left. And we went through it all today.

But we started the day off right, with an enormous keg o’ coffee and music from The Folkers – Another Folkin’ Christmas. ­čÖé

While Mom was mixing up batter and I was chopping up┬ámaraschino┬ácherries, Aunt Ginny started making the peanut butter balls that will eventually become Christmas “ornaments”. This morning with Ginny was brought to you by some fine Iowa-based companies – Casey’s and Kum & Go.

That’s right – we’ve made eight varieties of baked goods in the last three days, and we drove to Casey’s for donuts this morning. Because trust me, by the end of the weekend, none of us even want to think about eating a cookie. And we’re already there by Saturday morning. Bleech.

While Mom was mixing and Ginny was rolling, I was chopping cherries – much to the detriment of my manicure. Whatever dye they put in maraschino cherries, my hands aren’t going to look the same for weeks. Eeew.

As I was trying to scrub the red dye off my fingertips, Mom moved on to drizzling chocolate over the coconut macaroons Ginny made earlier. These are a new recipe this year, and they’re amazeballs.

While the macaroons set up, Mom and I moved on to shortbread cookies with raspberry preserves in the center – which looked like trays and trays of eyeballs staring at me, waiting to go into the oven.

They’re freaky, right? It’s not just me? Thankfully, they get better once they’re baked and drizzled with an amazing almond glaze:

Just after lunchtime, Clay and Sarah came to the farm – bringing everyone’s favorite baker along with them:

She started out by making us all a “chocolate cake” using her plastic ducks. But we soon got her down to the serious business of flattening out shortbread cookies, which used the chopped cherries that have forever ruined my chances of being a hand model. She kept muttering to herself, “Smash, aaaaaannd – STOP!”

But she soon found out it was a lot more fun to “mix” alongside Mimi, with her own (unplugged) mixer and closed bottles of vanilla.

A good time was had all afternoon by two of the happiest bakers ever!

After Chloe and her parents went off to the fire department’s annual Christmas party, the remaining bakers sat down to craft our peanut butter ball “ornaments” – which turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

And with that, the baking is DONE. D-O-N-E – done! Tomorrow, we’ll make peppermint bark snowflakes and package everything. The packaging is a sight to behold – stay tuned!

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