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  • Promoting a Cancer Council fundraiser with Prof. Ian Olver, CEO.
  • Writing the book while doing chemotherapy. It doesn't get any more real than this.

Hello, I’m Ben.

I'm the author.

I’ve been through cancer – testicular cancer. I’ve had chemotherapy. I’ve had to call my mum and tell her the news. In short, if you’re doing cancer, I know what you’re going through.

I wrote Lessons from my Left Testicle because every book I read while doing the treatment was so sombre. Yes, cancer is serious stuff but that’s more reason to find happy in the everyday. I figure if you can find funny in the tough times then that’s a good lesson for when things are better.

Cancer is terrifying, painful & scary. But there’s another side too. It makes you realise friends and family are all that matter and your time here is precious. I tried to think about such things while doing treatment then write them down so I never forgot. Lessons from my Left Testicle is the book it became.

Some have called it a guidebook to help prepare you for what you’re in for. Some find it therapeutic to know others feel the things they do.

What makes me happy is when people see it as a companion, like they had a friend with them along the way.

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“A captivating story…a celebration of life”


Kind Words

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‘A Lonely Planet guide

for what to expect’

Will, cancer patient, Australia

‘It took Ben’s words to make cancer more approachable.’
Paul Wilson, The Little Book of Calm
‘I read you book recently and was very touched by it. I was crying by about the second page and laughing also.’  

Emma, Canada 
‘Ben, the author, has become, a confidante, a fellow adventurer, a guru maybe even since reading his book…I felt like I got to talk about the big ‘C’ for the first time.’
Lisa, cancer survivor, Ireland 
‘I just finished it, which is impressive for me seeing as I only bought it this evening. It was awesome.
Scott, brother of a cancer patient, Australia 
‘I heard you in a radio interview today and for the first time in eleven years I was listening to someone who I could relate to with regard to this cancer thing’
Sue, cancer survivor, Australia
‘Thanks for sharing your experiences in such a funny, thought provoking way. I thoroughly enjoyed the laughs and the tears as you took me on your journey. You’re a brilliant writer!’
Anika, Australia
‘I’ve had a few laughs that have threatened to rip open some internal stitches.’
Colin, cancer patient, Australia
‘I haven’t been able to get my hands of my balls since reading it. You have certainly scared the bejesus out of me.’
Dan, Australia
‘Your book has made me relook at and evaluate my life in many ways;  I think we all need this from time to time.’
Louise, UK
‘I will be recommending this book to patients and staff as a useful guide to beginning to understand what people are experiencing!’
Katrina, nurse, Australia
‘I recently read your book and I thought it was fantastic – very honest, real, and a really enjoyable read despite the subject matter. Hope you sell loads and become J. K. Rowling.’
Elise, Australia
‘Made me cry and made me laugh.’
Melissa, Australia
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Charity Bookshop Book Launch

To launch me, Ben turned an art gallery into a book store for a week, selling just one title.

Proceeds went to the Cancer Council. Photos thanks to Luc Remond